Expect More
Achieve More

Draft Access thousands of cabinets, finisheds and hardware from the extensive library, or import your own


Plan with Precision, Speed and Ease

The faster you can transform ideas into accurate CAD drawings, the more orders you can design and install, which is why many steps in Palette CAD are automated. "Intelligent” objects save valuable time, eradicate mistakes, and permit creative freedom.

  • 30% fewer mouse clicks with Drag and Drop ability
  • Access thousands of cabinets, finishes and hardware from the extensive library, or import your own
  • Unparalleled Parametric functionality for faster, easier drawings and adjustments
Design Package
Present Impress and Persuade Clients


Stunning visuals that must be seen to be believed

Gone are the days where a floor plan and samples will seal the deal with your clients: keep ahead of the competition, and do your craftsmanship justice, by presenting your designs in the best way possible. Illustrate your work in realistic detail before production or implementation, to impress and persuade clients and win more business.

  • Stunning 3D photorealistic renders present the finished product in detail
  • Impressive visual quotes with detailed product summaries to never miss an opportunity
  • Immersive Apps to generate panoramic views, walkthroughs, and animations
Design Pro Package
Manufacture Seamless transfer from design to production


Seamless transfer from design to production

Improve the integration and automation of your manufacturing workflow, to save you time and money in labour and materials. Palette CAD has various options to suit your manufacturing needs and ensure maximum return on your machinery investment.

Want to keep your existing CAM software? Seamlessly transfer your Palette CAD drawings to your existing software with ease

Manufacture Package

Exceptional CAM Solutions

Looking to upgrade or purchase CAM software? Select a package including exceptional CAM solutions:


Palette CAD with ASPAN is a great package for smaller businesses, that are perhaps new to using CAM software, and that require ease and simplicity in a CAM software, to get the job done.
(Manufacturing Pro Package)


The combination of Palette CAD with ICB and NCAD provides advanced optimization and CAM functionality, for those that require expert machining capabilities to drive and grow their business without limitations.
(Manufacturing Advanced Package)

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Highly automated and intuitive optimization software, used seamlessly with COBUS NCAD. Equipped with multiple labeling, reports and nesting options, post optimization and much more.
(Manufacturing Advanced Package + add ons)

PaletteCAD Manufacturing


Palette CAD’s ANZ library consists of the most in demand cabinets, hardware and materials from Australia and New Zealand to complete your furniture with the appropriate wood texture, lacquers and colors as well as surfaces and veneers. Library updates are carried out quarterly, to provide the most up to date objects in the market.




Showroom Logo
PaletteCad Showroom

Introducing Palette Showroom

Palette Showroom is the flexible, interactive and powerful consultant tool saving you time and money by supporting you to master the design process.

Showcase your designs with a virtual exhibition of your projects. Give clients a detailed and interactive experience and capture their imagination, whether that's with photos, graphics, panaromas, 360 photos, virtual rooms or PDF documents.

Share the perfect view from your best angles in 3D, 2D images, MOVE files, PLAY files, sections or other perspectives.

  • Filter through an extensive library of products and materials
  • Make changes in real time for instant comparisons
  • Utilise Palette Cloud technology for fast and collaborative access

Upgrade to Palette Showroom Pro

Customise the user interface to reflect your brand and give you both your team and your clients a cohesive navigating experience. Increase brand recognition and improve brand image while you share your work and tell stories about your most successful projects.

Plus, immerse yourself in the future with virtual reality. Use your VR headset to experience your designs and engage clients with your creativity.

  • Show your design virtually, so they partner with you to build their new reality
  • Increase brand recognition from your customised interface

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An Immersive 360° Experience

The Palette Move App sends your clients on a on a virtual exploration of a space in high resolution, photorealistic detail. Simply by using the touchscreen on their smartphone or tablet, or moving the actual device, they can take a virtual tour through every room you have designed, assuring them of the expected results and highlighting the detail of your designs.

Sell the experience, not just the concept.

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Palette Expose

Never miss an opportunity

This inclusive module enables you to provide visually appealing and professional quotes to clearly demonstrate your designs. Easily compile any number of design views or detailed product summaries, create and edit customizable templates, and quickly insert images, text and symbols. Improve the sales experience and create a quote that stands out from the crowd using Palette Expose.


For Prospective Clients

[email protected] is a free online planner that can be integrated onto your website as an interactive marketing tool for prospective clients. Users can create an entire room in just minutes, and view a 3D animation once complete. By purchasing the app add-on, prospective customers can request quotes and information based off the project they have created to become a valuable lead generation tool.

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For Your Business

[email protected] also increases your productivity and efficiency, allowing for quick planning, and sketching on the go. Use the app to discuss requirements and take measurements on site, and then seamlessly continue your designs back at the office.


Create a virtual exhibition allowing customers to walk through rooms using game-like controls. Users can zoom in for detail, climb stairs and interact with your designs and products. Palette Play also allows for integration with your own website to provide this experience to prospective customers, and create a stunning first impression.


Palette Sketch provides a playful way to present your designs from initial stages right through to completion. A detailed animation shows the thought and detail behind your designs, resulting in greater appreciation and engagement with your projects