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Machine-readable programs
for a consistent process


COBUS NCAD is machine neutral, meaning that it can control every CNC machine from the one system, reducing software and training costs. With all this software knowledge and programming data in one place, NCAD stores these vital resources, guaranteeing control and maximising efficiency of your machining centres and production lines.

  • Automated CNC generation based off a partslist with variables
  • Timed 3D simulations help visualize processes and limit the need for unproductive test runs
  • Powerful parametric functionality to modify drawings in seconds, ready for production
Key Features

3D Milling

Upgrade COBUS NCAD, subject to your machine equipment, to process 3D drawings on 3, 4, and 5 axes. Available in various extensions, depending on your requirements.


The standard version is multi-functional and suited for 3 axis machining, providing all the standard features. This version is ideally suited for customers who appreciate easy handling. It consists of well-matched and efficient manufacturing macros for 3 axis machining. Our standard version is not only easy to use but efficient and low-priced.


The professional version provides various functions in the field of 5 axis machining. This is perfectly suited for customers who need indexed 5 axes machining in addition to 3 and 4 axis machining. This version is suitable for those with complex and demanding manufacturing requirements.


Our premium version provides all features in the fields of 5, 4 and 3 axis machining simultaneously, fulfilling even the highest demands of milling.


Modules designed to meet the specific requirements and challenges of door and window manufacturing



Cut Costs and Time Invested by 90%

Developed to streamline the door manufacturing process, complicated and repetitive tasks are simplified into easy to use macros, guiding the user through the door construction and programming. COBUS Door modules are tailored for each manufacturer, to match the exact items available for customers such as hinges, locks and remove beads. Individual parts of complete doors can be sent to any machine, where the user can determine what machine zones and in what stop positions each part is placed.

Key Features


Automated CND programs
for production.


Only require the essentials of CAM without the need for optimisation and parts management software? COBUS WOP allows even the inexperienced users to produce the desired results efficiently and effectively.

  • Draw up macro libraries for recurring or similar tasks, regardless of your industry
  • 2D and 3D displays of workpieces, machining, suction cups or clamping devices
  • Manage all common control systems in the woodworking industry
Key Features