Translates your creative designs and expertise into impressive 3D visual aids to professionally showcase your skills.

Palette CAD is for interior architects, designers and craftsmen in all areas of interior finishing to plan and create Kitchens, Bathrooms, Living spaces, Shops, Offices, Gardens, Patios, Furniture and more…

Designing with PaletteCAD means to:

Design without Limits

Transpose your creative ideas and persuasive design plans into stunning 3D digital format, to showcase your vision and meet your client's exact wishes. Exceptional display styles allow you to easily create high quality presentations to result in more successful quotations and satisfied clients.

Design with Efficiency

Create dimensionally accurate floor plans with only a few clicks.

The quicker and more precisely your ideas can be incorporated into a CAD design, the more orders can be planned and carried out. That's why so many details and steps in palette CAD are 'pre-planned' or automated.

Design with Accuracy

Palette CAD is programmed for the highest level of dimensional accuracy because even the smallest deviations in production can cause major problems later.

Design with Expertise

Your craftsmanship and creative expertise is the prerequisite for ensuring that everything works out properly in later stages. Use software that empowers you perfectly.

Design with Innovation

Due to ongoing connections and close working relationships with trade associations, Palette CAD incorporates the latest industry developments and trends. 

Palette MOVE App

Palette MOVE allows for an immersive 3D experience and is simply fun. With this innovative app you will be able to impress your customers and generate more revenue.

Display scenes you created yourself with 'Palette CAD' and use as a professional presentation tool to impress your customers.

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Tech Talk

Version 8 Import Formats:

  • VRML (.wrl)
  • 3d Studio (.3ds)
  • Wavefront (.obj)
  • Collada (.dae)
  • Sketchup (.skp)

Manufacturing with PaletteCAD.

All hardware holes & routings can be achieved & outputted in specific machine G code or other geometric file formats. (Aspan.asc, NCAD.fmc, WoodWOP.mpr, BiesseWorks.cix, XilogPlus.xxl, DXF)

PaletteCAD presentation.

  • Create dimensioned shop drawings.
  • Create 3D artistic or photo realistic renders.
  • Also possible in stereoscopic.
  • Place cameras to create fly through movies.
  • Create a 3D panorama to present in Palette MOVE

PaletteCAD Demos & Movies

Drawer Distributions

Build a Simple Cabinet

Palette Move

Palette Sketch





Palette CAD to Aspan Nesting

Exhibition Stand


Importing Sketchup objects into Palette CAD

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