Next Generation Optimisation Software

This progressive software uses the newest, most advanced mathematical methods for optimising panel saws, beam saws and nesting for CNC routers; making this the superior choice for manufacturing industries such as woodworking, sheet metal, glass, plastic, textile, cardboard & more.

Stand Alone Optimisation Packages

Office Essentials

A light-weight package designed to give sales and estimating access to top-notch optimisation without the "bells and whistles" normally required for full-fledged automation and production. Includes a complete, unfettered panel optimiser with a feature configuration that makes it an ideal solution for estimating material consumption and machine cutting time. Compatible with machine post-processors.

Includes but not limited to:

  • Yield optimisation algorithm;
  • No artificially imposed limitations on part or sheet quantities;
  • Optimisation of multiple materials in each run;
  • Machine constraints to prevent creation of patterns which could not actually be produced at a machine;
  • Python scripting support


This package is designed to meet the demands of everyday production right out of the box and comes standard with 3 licenses as well as many features that address special production requirements.

Includes but not limited to (in addition to Office Essentials):

  • 3 Algorithms: BC, SFR, Block;
  • Over/Under production;
  • Material Cost Optimisation;
  • True Headcuts;
  • Low Priority (filler) Parts.

Enterprise Professional

Ready to meet virtually any production demand, BlueCell Enterprise Professional includes all features and a 10 user license, standard.

Includes but not limited to (in addition to Professional):

  • Multi-Run Comparison
  • External Signal
  • Labour Cost Optimisation
  • Substitute Materials
  • SQL Import/Export Wizard

BlueCell Algorithms

Dynamic (BC)

Developed by the University of Technology in Vienna, this algorithm implements the latest academic research into optimisation for 2D "guillotine" cutting processes.

Block Nesting

An innovative block-nesting algorithm for rectangular parts destined for routers. The algorithm's logic keeps small parts near the center of the nest where vacuum suction is strongest.

Simple (SFR)

Short for "Simple Fast Result" this algorithm uses a simple first fit approach. SFR can process thousands of parts in a fraction of a second, producing reasonable results. Ideal for rough estimates of material and time consumption as well as for special applications, such as optimising around defects.

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