Optimisation Packages

Office Essentials is a cost effective version designed for small shops as well as sales and estimating.   Professional is designed to meet the needs of everyday production while Enterprise is built to handle any   manufacturing demand. See which product is right for you by comparing the features below.

Which package is right for you?

Office Essentials

A light weight package designed to give sales and estimating access to top-notch optimisation without the "bells and whistles" normally required for full-fledged automation and production. Includes a complete, unfettered panel optimiser with a feature configuration that makes it an ideal solution for estimating material consumption and machine cutting time. Compatible with machine post-processors.


Package designed to meet the demands of everyday production right out of the box. Comes standard with 3 licenses as well as many features that address special production requirements.

Enterprise Professional

Ready to meet virtually any production demand, BlueCell Enterprise Professional includes all features and a 10 user license, standard.

Standard Features

Standard Features

(in addition to Office Essentials):

Standard Features

(in addition to Professional):

  • BlueCell Dynamic algorithm
  • No limits on part or material quantities
  • Multi-material optimization
  • Machine Constraints
  • Length optimization
  • Standard reports
  • Python scripting support
  • Part labels
  • Remnants 1 (detection of remnants in patterns)
  • Single-user license
  • 3 Algorithms: BC, SFR, Block
  • Over/under production
  • Material cost optimization
  • True headcuts
  • Part families
  • Edgebanding
  • Low priority (filler) parts
  • Remnants 2 (Remnants can be added to material file automatically)
  • Inventory management (automatically reduce inventory)
  • Grain formations with drag and drop builder
  • Pattern editor
  • Post processor
  • 3-user license
  • Multi-Run Comparison
  • External Signal
  • Labour Cost Optimistaion
  • Substitute Materials
  • Part Groups
  • Remnants 3 (Real-time management and bin assignment)
  • SQL Import/Export Wizard
  • 10 Licenses


  • Additional Post Processors
  • Upgrade to 3 user license
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  • Post Processors
  • Upgrade to 10 user license
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  • Additional Post Processors
  • Site License (Unlimited license within facility)
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